Traffic & Parking Guidelines

DROP-OFF Driving Route

To assist with congested traffic in the mornings during drop off time, please

  • Follow the morning route per this map (on Rockdale and Myra, only drive in the direction towards school)
  • Drive slowly, safely and respectfully


Parking Guidelines

  • Park a few blocks away from the school and walk in.
  • Park legally and only in spaces that your car COMPLETELY fits.
  • Give driveway owners space to get in and out.
    Please NOTE: A driveway begins at the top of the sloped edges, or the “curb cut.” Some driveways may have red tips—red curb coloring on the curb cuts and space adjacent to it. Parking in the red tip or within the cut curbs may result in your vehicle being cited and/or towed.

You can help neighbors and visitors avoid citations and being towed. Feel free to print and share this flyer.

Thank you for your cooperation!