Policies at Miraloma

Read our Sing-Along norms


We believe that birthdays are a great time to celebrate the life of our students and their special day. School allows for a perfect opportunity to celebrate with friends and teachers. In an effort to create a space of equity, all birthdays will be celebrated during Morning Circle, once a week on Mondays, in a large group format. We ask you not to send any treats for the classroom.


As per SFUSD Official Wellness Policy, we do not allow any edible treats at Miraloma, including at special occasions such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc. If you want to bring in a treat, think of non-edible treats like, temporary tattoos, stickers, bubbles, themed pencils, bookmarks, and erasers.


As per SFUSD Handbook, dogs or other pets are not permitted on campus. This policy does not apply to service animals.


The play structure on the yard is off limits before and after school. Please take advantage of nearby Sandy Park and Miraloma field for your kids to play outside of school hours.


All toys, sports equipment, electronics, and phones should be left at home. If they are needed for off campus purposes, they must remain in backpacks or with the classroom teacher while on campus.


These policies also apply to the after-school programs.