There's always room for more volunteers on our wonderful and important PTA committees. Please get in touch if you'd like to get involved.

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Arts Committee


The Miraloma Arts Committee (MAC) involves parents and teachers in periodic meetings and ongoing activity promoting and supporting visual, musical, and other forms of arts and crafts school-wide, in the classrooms, and in the wider community. 

Each year the committee hosts and amazing Visual Arts Show that showcases the work of every child at Miraloma.

Auction Committee


This is our largest fundraising event, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to connect with other Miraloma parents and teachers in a fun-filled evening with food, dancing and the opportunity to bid on terrific items…all while benefiting the kids! Read our FAQ to get all the details

Catherine Homsey   Chair

Catherine Homsey

Community Service Committee


The Community Service Committee is dedicated to promoting the spirit and idea of giving back to the community. The committee offers opportunities for Miraloma families to engage in various projects that are designed to serve their communities close to home and around the world. Activities include donation drives and volunteering at the SF Food Bank. Check our school calendar and newsletter for upcoming activities.

Contact us to get involved!

Laney Whitcanack   Chair

Laney Whitcanack


Fun Run Committee


The Fun RUN Committee organizes one of our largest fundraisers, the Miraloma Fun RUN. It is styled like a walk-a-thon where friends, relatives, and co-workers sponsor our students as they jog around a quarter mile track. 

Garden Committee



See what's going on at Miraloma Garden Blog by our Education Outside educator!

The Garden Team supports Miraloma’s Garden Program from Education Outside and helps maintain our native plantings, educational garden and greenhouse, and ensures the well being of our school chickens by providing on site care outside of school hours.

We host weekend Garden Work Days that include weeding, planting and pruning. Additionally, we have larger scale projects such as irrigation, storage shed construction and installation of our outdoor kitchen in the works too. Look for updates in the newsletter, on our website and the bulletin board across from 108.


  • Garden maintenance through Garden Work Parties & Brunch

  • Coordination of large scale garden projects

  • Chicken care

There are so many ways to help with Miraloma’s Gardens. Even an hour of weeding on your own time makes a huge difference. No experience necessary. 

Chicken Care

We also train volunteers in the simple caring of the chickens. This involves letting the chickens out of the coop in the morning and returning them to the coop in the evening, filling feed, and water containers and cleaning the coop and surrounding pen.

Since the students cover the morning chores when school is in session, we provide coverage for evenings, weekends, holidays. This is a job for the whole family! Contact us to volunteer for chicken care.

Heather Bird Garden Co-Chair

Heather Bird

Michelle Trimble, Garden Co-Chair

Michelle Trimble, Garden

Kendra Christensen, Education Outside Teacher

Kendra Christensen,
Education Outside

Grounds Committee


The Building & Grounds Committee focuses on improving the physical aspects of our school such as the play yards, educational gardens, grounds and building to support our children's physical well-being and improve both the interior and exterior aspects of the school. Future projects will target the first/second and upper yards. This Committee meets once a month in the evening and much of the work is done via email. Members include parents who work full time and outside the home. 

Andrew Gordon Buildings and Grounds Lead

Andrew Gordon
Buildings and Grounds Lead

Hospitality Committee


The Hospitality Committee coordinates food and beverages at various fundraising and community events.


  • Organizes coffee, tea, and snacks at First Fridays

  • Coordinates food trucks, catering at events

  • Manages contacts with food & beverage vendors

  • Supports other committees in their hospitality needs


  • Join our team!

  • Are you in the food business? Contact us to donate to an event.

Are you holding an event at Miraloma and need Hospitality materials?

Fill out the Hospitality form.

Christy Gagan Co-Chair

Christy Gagan

Jaime Dever, Co-Chair

Jaime Dever,

Armigh Carrizalez, Co-Chair

Armigh Carrizalez,

Inclusive Schools Committee


The Inclusive Schools Committee organizes Miraloma's annual Inclusive Schools Week, as well as works year-round to foster a welcoming, accessible school community with integrated inclusive practices, curriculum, activities, facilities, communications and parent programs.

Parent volunteers help the committee realize a robust program for Inclusive Schools Week; roles include:

  • running PE Ability Awareness stations

  • preparing materials for & installing the school-wide art project

  • library readings

  • organizing the school-wide assembly.

Committee members liaison to and collaborate with the Grounds Committee, Recess Committee, Parent Ed, and others as needed.

Beth Lucey Chair  Inclusion/ Literacy Teacher

Beth Lucey
Inclusion/ Literacy Teacher

Lee Fisher Parent

Lee Fisher

Library Committee


The Library is partially staffed by parent/guardian volunteers. Volunteers help students and teachers in the library by reading to the classes, helping students select books, managing check-in/check-out procedures, and shelving books. 


  • Adopt a Shelf: Come in whenever you have time and re-shelve books in alphabetical order. It only takes about 10 minutes a week!

  • Help our awesome librarian, Paula Niland, on Monday mornings, right after morning circle.

  • Staff our Book Fair Fundraiser.

Paula Niland Librarian   librarian@

Paula Niland

Shae Brown   bookfair@

Shae Brown

Dan Linder   bookfair@

Dan Linder

Read-a-thon Committee


The Read-a-thon Committee organizes the annual 2-week Read-a-thon Event after the winter break.


  • Online communication through newsletter & website

  • Communicate about in class reading/logging with teachers & staff

  • Update & send out reading logs

  • Tally minutes read at home and in class

  • Arrange reward prizes

  • Organize in school promotion

  • Work with Book Fair Committee





The Recess Team coordinates parent volunteers for recess yard duty. At recess, kids decompress, process learning, develop socially, exercise physically, and practice resolving conflicts. Having caring adults on the yard helps keep recess safe, fun, and inclusive for all students at Miraloma.

If you are interested in volunteering for recess (during morning or lunch recess) either on a regular or occasional basis, please email your availability and interest to

For more frequent info and updates on recess games and info please join the recess volunteers yahoo group by sending a join request to

Daily Recess Schedule

  • Morning Recess

    • 9:10-9:40 AM: Kinder /1st grade (1st grade 9:20-9:40 AM)

    • 9:20-9:40 AM: 2nd /3rd grade

    • 9:45-10:05 AM: 4th /5th grade

  • Lunch Recess

    • 11:00-11:20 AM: Kinder /1st grade

    • 11:30-11:50 AM: 2nd /3rd grade

    • 12:00-12:20 PM: 4th /5th grade

Pamela Lyss-Lerman Recess Parent Coordinator

Pamela Lyss-Lerman
Recess Parent Coordinator

Snack Committee


The Snack Committee provides fresh fruits and vegetables to each class room daily, so our kids have a healthy snack in between breakfast and lunch.


  • Ordering of produce from local farms.

  • Organizing the washing, cutting and distributing of the produce.


No need to join the committee, just come and help out whenever you have time:

  • All are welcome on Monday and Wednesday mornings after morning circle to help wash, cut, and count the delicious food we are serving. Just walk up to our beautiful garden on Myra Way. This is an excellent way to meet people and learn the ins and outs of the community.

  • We also need help every day after school collecting and washing bins. This is a golden opportunity to let your children wander through our lovely, organic garden munching on sorrel, while you wash bins in the beautiful sink.

Lastly, you can help by simply putting the bins outside your child's classroom.

Allison Eastwood Snack Chair

Allison Eastwood
Snack Chair

Student Survey Committee


The Student Survey Committee consists of five or more people to help compose, distribute, and tabulate data from our annual school survey. This work begins in October and ends in March.

These Surveys are given to the children, teachers, and parents and are instrumental in giving the PTA and SSC information about our school climate. The results provide direction for implementing changes and new programs in our school. If you have any experience with sampling, statistics, or survey writing, this is the group for you. 

Liz Hamel Survey Chair

Liz Hamel
Survey Chair

Tours and Outreach Committee


The Tours & Outreach Committee coordinates Miraloma's presentations to prospective families at school fairs, arranges school tours and open houses, and answers the questions of parents considering Miraloma as a school choice.

If you are interested in helping out with tours, please email us at

Sapna Satagopan Co-Chair

Sapna Satagopan

The Web & Communications Committee is committed to helping our school community reduce the use of paper while facilitating easy communications and efficient volunteering.

The two main digital communication tools for Miraloma are the weekly newsletter (Dragon Digest) that is sent out on Wednesdays during the school year and the Miraloma website.

We also support our community with options to sign up, RSVP, and donate online through our digital tools.


  • Website - Squarespace, Photoshop/Illustrator

  • Weekly Newsletter & Direct Mailings - Constant Contact

  • School E-Mail List Management - Constant Contact

  • Online Donations & Payments - PayPal &

  • Online Order Tracking - PayPal & Excel

  • Online Scheduling & Task Management - Doodle & SignupGenius

  • Online Auction -

  • Online Advertising - Photoshop for banner creation

All direct mailings from the school use the newsletter database. Please make sure we have your correct email address. Sign up or update your email here.

Welcome Committee


The Welcome Committee welcomes the new incoming Miraloma families. 

  • Organize & host welcome events (play dates, welcome coffee)

  • Gather email addresses of incoming families

  • Send out welcome emails & updates

  • Answer questions from new families

  • Update information on the

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Class of 2023 (incoming Kinder): Welcome Committee
Class of 2022 (incoming 1st): Christy Gagan
Class of 2021 (incoming 2nd): 
Britta Narum
Class of 2020 (incoming 3rd): Christie Lee Duffy
Class of 2019 (incoming 4th): Eileen Thornton
Class of 2018 (incoming 5th): Jean Kuwamoto

Welcome Committee Leads (Maite Aijon, Courtney Helland, Fabi Hollinger, Piper LeGrelius, Rachel Newell, Leina Yamamoto)

Welcome Committee Leads
(Maite Aijon, Courtney Helland, Fabi Hollinger, Piper LeGrelius, Rachel Newell, Leina Yamamoto)

Yearbook Committee


The Yearbook Committee designs, produces & distributes the annual school yearbook. It includes panel pages of students, teachers and staff and pictures of the Fun Run, Halloween parade, after school programs, field trips, class art projects, performances, and other fun experiences throughout the school year.


  • Create a theme and design layout of the yearbook - Photoshop, Illustrator, Lumapix

  • Take & gather photo's of school events, activities and after school programs

  • Edit photos - Photoshop

  • Populate panel pages with photographs of all kids currently at Miraloma - Lumapix

  • Get pictures of students & staff who missed picture day

  • Coordinate with the yearbook volunteer parents to get a yearbook page for each class

  • Take yearbook orders and distribute in the last week of school - Excel, PayPal,

If you can help with ideas, proof pages, selling and distribution, or if you want to create your Classroom Yearbook Page, please email us!

Fifth Grade Dragon Drawings

The graduating students will get the opportunity to contribute to the yearbook by submitting their dragon drawing in March. The 5th grade teachers will send the form home with each 5th grade student (or you can download it here).

Ryan Silvers Yearbook

Ryan Silvers