What's happening at Miraloma?

Here's a quick list of events that happen annually and on a recurring basis throughout the school year, and their general timeframe. Please join in!

Remember, many of our community events can only happen with the planning and help of volunteers -- find out how you can get involved at our Volunteer page. 

NOTE: For more detailed information and to see specific dates, always refer to the School Calendar.

Annual Events:

Kindergarten Orientation
August - Afternoon
(usually the Friday before school starts)

Kindergarten Welcome Coffee
August - First Day of School 

Back to School Night
September - Evening

Fun Run
October - Fundraiser
Sunday (11-3pm)

Halloween Parade
October - Early Afternoon

Oceans Week
November - Ongoing through week 

Inclusive Schools Week
December - Ongoing through week 

Chinese New Year
January/February - Weekend Parade 

January/February - 10 days 

Book Fair
February - Fundraiser for our Library
Day, Evening, Weekend

Art Show
February - Evening

March - Fundraiser
Saturday evening

Spring Festival
April - Sunday afternoon

Talent Show
May - Evening

Staff Appreciation Luncheon
May - After School

May - Morning (last week of school)


Recurring Events:

Morning Circle
Daily @ 7:50am
Upper Yard

Every Thurs & Fri
Thursdays 8:00am (grade 3-5)
Fridays 8:00am (grade K-2)

Snack Preparation
Every Mon & Wed
8am in the garden
Drop-ins are encouraged!

First Fridays Coffee Social
First Friday of the month
After Morning Circle
Upper Yard

Garden Work Parties
2-3 times per year
Weekend Mornings

Parent Ed Programs
Sporadic through year
Mornings or evenings

School Clean-up Days
2-3 times per year
Weekend Mornings