Due to our very popular Sing-Along time with Ms. Rhonda, we have put into place a set of agreements that allow for our students, teachers, and visitors to enjoy Sing-Along while maintaining order. Every now and then there is a coffee spill, a distracting younger sibling or a cell phone that rings. Please review the following Sing-Along schedules and THANK YOU for adhering to our visitor norms highlighted below.

Sing-Along Norms

  • Students first: Please enter only after all classes have been seated. Please do not move any of the folding chairs placed for student use.
  • Be mindful: This is student instructional time and part of the academic day. All conversations should remain outside the auditorium. Please silence your cell phones.
  • Think safety: Exits must be clear at all times by law. Please enter and exit through the back doors of the auditorium. Access the auditorium from the sidewalk outside the Omar Way doors.


8:05-8:30: 4th and 5th grade Sing-Along


8:05-8:30: Kindergarten and 1st grade Sing-Along 

8:35-9:00: 2nd and 3rd grade Sing-Along

Sing-Along is one of the best things about our school! When we all work together, each experience will be that much more meaningful.