STEAM at Miraloma

Our STEAM Team of parents, teachers and Principal Ingber are working hard to continue, improve and expand STEAM at Miraloma. Exciting things are happening and STEAM news will be shared on this page and our weekly newsletter. 

STEAM Lab Update

Construction is underway to create our new Miramola STEAM Lab! This space will be dedicated to help enhance our kids' exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM),  to foster their interests, and better prepare them for the world and the jobs of the future.

Our STEAM Team has been participating in the SFUSD iLab design program to imagine and develop the design of the new space. The iLab program uses a Design Thinking process, championed by the Stanford D-School and commonly used by leading product design teams. This process helps us envision how to best prepare our kids for a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive world by sparking their interests in STEAM with our new lab.

The team has been looking at examples of personalization in business and education (i.e. Amazon, Pandora, Netflix or Khan Academy, etc.) as inspiration for how we can create a more personalized and differentiated learning environment. We have also been identifying stakeholders; including our kids, teachers, parents and potential partners, and interviewing them about their wants, needs and ideas. From there we have been developing user personas (fictitious students that represent a cross-section of all Miraloma students), and we have been envisioning ‘a day in the life’ of these personas to help us get to a prototype of what our lab should entail.

As part of this process, all our teachers and several of our students have been interviewed and provided their STEAM Lab wish lists. Teachers have also provided a very impressive list of the STEAM related units they currently offer in their classrooms, and of STEAM based professional development that they have completed. This input will be paramount in driving the design of the new lab.

How and When Can You Help?

If you are also interested in providing your ideas for the new STEAM Lab, now is the time. Please send your ideas to

The completion of the new STEAM Lab (targeted for the beginning of August 2015) will just be the start. That is when we will really need your help to turn the room from an empty class room into the STEAM Lab we envision. This can only happen through the collective work of teachers, parents and broader partnerships with science and technology and the Bay Area STEAM community.  

We look forward to working with you on this!

The STEAM Committee