Parent Resources

TALK Line Family Support Center: 441-KIDS (5437)
Free telephone counseling for parents.

Parents’ Place
arents Place offers resources, information, education, and a continuum of small group and individualized services that support each child’s optimal development.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy & Psychotherapy Services.

Kidpower teaches children positive, practical, and effective ways to think, move, and speak to stay safe in challenging personal safety situations. Kidpower helps parents and caregivers feel prepared and confident leading their children’s People Safety skill development on their own, every day.

Kids’ Turn
A non-profit organization to help children and parents through divorce.

PTA Parent's Guide to Student Success
Overview of what your child will learn by the end of their grade.


Let's Train the Brain! - Susan Hammond, School Social Worker

Middle School Enrollment Presentation & Middle School Comparison Chart - Parents for Public Schools

Breakfast Tips - Alison Eastwood, RD, food and nutrition expert

Developing and Nurturing Social Skills in Children - Dominique Baudry, MS., Ed

Classroom Audio Technology FAQ - Principal 

Lice Information - Miraloma Admin

iPad Apps Recommendations - Miraloma teachers

Common core