Tips for Parents on How to Talk to Children about Violence

NCTSN Parent Guide following shooting

CSTS Restoring sense of safety

NCTSN: Talking about the shooting

Tips for Talking With and Helping Children and Youth Cope After a Disaster or Traumatic Event

SF Kindergarten to College Program (K2C)

Restorative Practices Overview

TALK Line Family Support Center: 441-KIDS (5437)
Free telephone counseling for parents.

Parents’ Place
Parents' Place offers resources, information, education, and a continuum of small group and individualized services that support each child’s optimal development.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy & Psychotherapy Services.

Kidpower teaches children positive, practical, and effective ways to think, move, and speak to stay safe in challenging personal safety situations. Kidpower helps parents and caregivers feel prepared and confident leading their children’s People Safety skill development on their own, every day.

Kids’ Turn
A non-profit organization to help children and parents through divorce.

PTA Parent's Guide to Student Success
Overview of what your child will learn by the end of their grade.


Let's Train the Brain! - Susan Hammond, School Social Worker

Middle School Enrollment Presentation & Middle School Comparison Chart - Parents for Public Schools

Breakfast Tips - Alison Eastwood, RD, food and nutrition expert

Developing and Nurturing Social Skills in Children - Dominique Baudry, MS., Ed

Classroom Audio Technology FAQ - Principal 

Lice Information - Miraloma Admin

iPad Apps Recommendations - Miraloma teachers

Common core

iPad Apps

Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Recommendations from our Kindergarten & First Grade teachers

Language Arts


  • Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers
  • Brain West: Numberline Frog
  • Classroom Focused Software: 10 Fame Fill
  • Classroom Focused Software: Line 'em Up
  • Little Matchups Tell Time - good for adv group to tell time to the minute
  • Tangram - good for all grps to practice building easy, medium, hard shapes
  • Audio Slide a math subtraction - you can push a button and the pictures will move to show you how many to subtract
  • Kids Fun Dots - 1 to 10 dot to dot dinosaurs!
  • Animals Count - up to 10 things to count in first level, they count for you and show the numbers when you press the animals, really fun!
  • Ace Mathland, Animal Farm - solve addition and subtraction problems to piece together a puzzle picture hidden behind the problems, math facts up to 20!
  • Math 100 board - arrange random numbers in order depending on the pattern
  • Pizza 1 - good pizza fraction practice
  • Koala Math - addition and subtraction with pictures, number line, and scale
  • Kids Math - good addition and subtraction practice with pictures
  • Numbers - number recognition and tracing
  • Animals Count - a counting game and number recognition
  • Mad Math - good math facts practice
  • Dino Math - a counting game and math facts practice
  • ez Hats - easy step by step to make origami


SBAC Practice Tests

In preparation for the new Smarter Balanced Assessments, students can take Online SBAC Practice Tests. These tests can only be taken on Google Chrome, Safari, and FireFox Web browsers.

Go to SBAC Practice Tests

  1. Click [Sign In] (you're automatically logged in as Guest)
  2. Select 'Grade Level' from drop-down and click [Yes]
  3. Select the test you want to practice