Inclusion & Special Ed

Miraloma Elementary is an inclusive community where we strive to support children of all abilities, and help them thrive academically, socially, and physically. In addition to our Special Education services, we maintain intervention resources available to all our students to ensure every child’s success.


  • Student Advisor

  • Learning Support Professional/Social Worker

  • Reading Intervention Teachers (2)

  • USF Student Counselor


Miraloma is an inclusion school, serving children with a variety of special education needs. We provide differentiated services to fulfill the Individual Education Plans (IEPs) of students with disabilities, specifically designed to address their educational and developmental goals.


  • 2 Resource Specialists

  • Speech-Language Pathologist (full-time)

  • Occupational Therapist (part-time)
  • Speech language specialist (part-time)

  • Physical Therapist (part-time)
  • Multiple Onsite Paraprofessionals

  • 2 Special Day Classes: K-2 and 3-5

  • Designated learning spaces for pull-out services

  • ADA upgrades include an elevator, ramp, and lifts

  • Parent-run Inclusion & SpEd Parents Group where parents share resources, information and support in person and through Yahoo! Groups.

  • Inclusive Schools Committee organizes annual Inclusive Schools Week and works with the school's other committees to integrate the inclusive schools approach.

  • Parent-run Recess Committee committed to making recess safe, fun, and inclusive for all kids.


  • Inclusion students are integrated into our general education classrooms and provided every opportunity to learn and develop alongside their peers.

  • We have two full-time Resource Specialists who administer our inclusion services, as well as provide direct content services to students.

  • Our Principal and staff are engaged, proactive, and invested in inclusion, and dedicated to being a model school.


Our Special Day Classes are both SFUSD Rethink Autism Focus classrooms led by a full-time teacher and two full-time paraprofessionals. We have one class for K/1st/2nd and one class is 3rd/4th/5th. 


  • The Resource Specialist provides appropriate accommodations and modifications to the core curriculum to help students succeed in general education classrooms.

  • Our LSP/Social Worker, supported by Student Counselors, is available to assist identified children (and families) with emotional, developmental and situational issues, as well as be a resource to teachers, staff and families.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Principal Ingber. We hold dedicated information sessions each tour season for families interested in Inclusion and Special Education at Miraloma Elementary.

Everyday Inclusive Schools at Miraloma

At Miraloma we are fortunate to have teachers and a staff who integrate inclusive practices into our school life every day in myriad ways. With this leadership and commitment, our kids are taught an integrated social and emotional learning curriculum based on Restorative Practices and other models—about celebrating differences, empathy, conflict resolution and interconnectedness.

  • Our teachers and staff all work together to make sure students of all abilities succeed. For students with disabilities, learning challenges and life-threatening medical conditions Miraloma's Special Ed staff support them with Inclusion and Special Ed services.
  • Our PTA-sponsored Parent Education programs give families the tools and resources to support their kids...and so much more; go Miraloma!

SFUSD & Other Resources

SF Inclusive schools week

San Francisco ISW was established in 2010 by Mayoral Proclamation on the steps of City Hall through the leadership of Miraloma alum, Catherine Dauer, in keeping with National Inclusive Schools Week. SFUSD works to support the district's participation through by providing Principals with resources and information. SFUSD's annual effort is coordinated through SFUSD's Special Education department; visit SFUSD's website for more information. [Learn more about Miraloma's ISW]