FAQ regarding Gender Neutral Restrooms

1. How was the decision made to include gender neutral bathrooms? Was parent input included?

The decision to convert to gender neutral bathrooms was based on student need.  Miraloma Elementary strives to be a leader in SFUSD for inclusive practices, welcoming all families, and most importantly welcoming all students. We have students on the gender spectrum.  Converting most of our bathrooms to gender neutral benefits all students of every grade level and creates a safe and supportive environment for all of our students. Parent input was included, as it always it, although the issue was not put out to the entire community.

2. What language will be used to explain the decision to students? How will behavioral expectations be enforced?

100% of our staff has attended gender sensitive training, which includes appropriate language for speaking to students about inclusivity and fairness.  Behavioral expectations are being taught just as we teach expectations for the cafeteria, yard, hallways, classrooms, etc.  Students will need reminders from time to time and our staff is well-equipped to guide our student body through this conversion.

3. Will boys and girls be in bathrooms at the same time?

Miraloma has several bathroom options for our students to choose from: single-use bathrooms, multi-stall gender neutral bathrooms, multi-stall boys only bathrooms and multi-stall girls only bathrooms. The goal is for all of our students to feel safe and comfortable when they go to the bathroom.

4. Which grades have access to gender neutral bathrooms?

We are proud to include gender neutral bathroom options for all of our students at Miraloma. We strive to create a truly inclusive school for everyone, and this includes providing various bathroom options.

If you have any unanswered questions, please contact Principal Ingber.