Early Release Days

When do we have Early Release Days?
They are planned once a month on a Thursday, when students end their school day at 11:20am. The dates are announced in the weekly Dragon Digest and are displayed on our school calendar. (If the word "tentative" is listed next to a date, please note confirmed dates will be listed in the newsletters as soon as possible.) The YMCA and SF Parks & Rec aftercare programs are notified in advance so students can go to aftercare immediately after school dismissal.

Why does school get out so early that day?
Miraloma School is using a plan that most districts are using all around the state in order to provide elementary school teachers with collaboration and planning time. Our past system of monthly grade level release requires the school to pay for 9 guest teachers/month. The system of monthly early release days will benefit all staff and students with less sub-time AND save the school $20,000/year!

Why should I even send my child to school that day?
All of our teachers continue our academic and social-emotional curriculum on Early Release Days. We don't want any of our students to "fall behind" so please ensure that your students still attend school. Furthermore, our school-site funding is directly connected to our student daily attendance, so when students miss school (even on Early Release Days), we receive less funding. 

Please help us make this day a success by planning ahead for early pick-up, if possible. All after school programs will begin at 11:20 on early release day.

If you are not able to pick up your child early, please contact your teacher (or the principal) as soon as possible.